Lady turning over open sign on first day

Starting a Business with Long + Cowan

Are you starting a new business?

Setting up a new business can be a challenging process. You need to think about multiple things, such as renting an office, hiring staff, and the costs of establishing a brand new company. It can be difficult to do everything by yourself as a business owner, so it is necessary to have expert support from a Chartered Accountant who can help you plan and reach your goals from the start. There are several costs that you will need to pay at the start of your business, and we will help you make sure that all legal requirements you need to meet are in place.

Helping Establish & Develop Successful Businesses

Long + Cowan have supported multiple new businesses across Wellington. Our team can provide financial and accounting advice to get you up and running on a financially sound footing. It is important that you start off on the right track, as this will set you up for success in the future. Our team also knows about all the legal requirements that you need to meet and will ensure that your business is set up properly from the ground up.

We suggest you get in touch with us well before you purchase a new business or start the setup process, as the Long + Cowan team can shine a light on any financial issues and requirements that you might need to think about. Our tailored advice will take the stress and hassle off your hands, so you can focus on more pressing matters, such as the operational requirements for growing your business.

Get in Touch With Our Chartered Accountants

Contact Long + Cowan if you are in the process of setting up a business. Our Chartered Accountants will be your partner in the process and ensure all financials and legal requirements are in order.