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GST Returns with Long + Cowan

Common GST Mistakes

GST can be a complicated part of your business that you need to pay close attention to. There are multiple mistakes that a business owner can make when filing Goods & Services Tax returns, such as registering for GST before you reach the earning threshold of $60,000 or choosing the wrong accounting basis. You need to make sure to keep accurate records, including all your receipts and invoices. As a business owner, it can be challenging to keep track of everything. Long + Cowan will be there for you to ensure that your payments and returns are filed on time to avoid any issues with Inland Revenue.

Preparing your GST Returns

Our Chartered Accountants are there to support you every step of the way in your GST journey. Whether you are a sole trader, contractor, in a partnership or a company, we will ensure you are registered for GST and pay all your requirements in time. We help optimise the prices of your goods and services to ensure that GST is included and that your financials will be in order at all times. Long + Cowan provides tailored advice about how often to file your returns, monthly, two-monthly or six-monthly.

We send out reminders to our clients to make sure they pay their GST on time and we file returns electronically with Inland Revenue. Our team makes sure that you are always on time with your GST and you follow all requirements.

Contact our Chartered Accountants

Get in touch with Long + Cowan if you own a small business that sells goods and services. Our friendly team will support you in paying and filing GST returns on time.