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Cash Flow Forecasting at Long + Cowan

Estimating your Business’ Cash Flow

Knowing how much money is flowing in and out of your business during a specific period is necessary for accurate decision making and planning. It shows your projected balances based on income and expenditure across all areas of your business over a given time period. Whether you have a small or medium business, you need to be thinking about forecasting cash flow for the future and preparing yourself for periods where your sales might be lower than usual or your costs for manufacturing or purchasing higher. With Long + Cowan’s cash flow forecasting services, you will never find yourself in a challenging financial position!

Cash Flow Forecasting with Long + Cowan

Cash flow forecasting can be carried out for a range of different time frames. Whether you want to know your financial outlook for a short term, such as 30 days, or a whole year, the Chartered Accountants from Long + Cowan can help. Short term cash flow forecasts are great for identifying funding needs and excess cash in the immediate term. Medium-term and long-term cash flow forecasts take a closer look at trends in sales and purchases and any differences in operational incomes and expenditures.

Our team will take the time to get to know your business and analyse your financial reports to create an accurate cash flow forecast. This is an excellent way to aid managerial decision making and make changes in operations, such as getting a new supplier or changing the price of your product. With a cash flow forecast, you are sure to be prepared for the future at all times.

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